Mittwoch, März 09, 2005

weblog nr. 5


don't speak
elektronisches gefiepse
don't tell me
'cos it hurts

Mittwoch, März 02, 2005

aga.zet & val.bEATing the bEATles

Picture yourself with a cancerous liver,
Face your reflection as grey as the sky
No one to talk to, you say to yourself,
While rubbing your piss yellow fly.
Cellophane covers your microwave meals,
Cockroaches waiting to feast.
Look for the girls with the sun in their eyes,
And you're on.
You seemed to go for diamonds.
Spotted them down on 68 playgrounds,
Masturbating it failed at all of your tries.
Think of the past, girls crowned with the flowers
That got you incredibly high.
But still you couldn't fly and let yourself go,
When dope was making your days.
Universal love it rained down from the sky,
But you're gone.
You seemed to go for diamonds.
Picture yourself with now pointless insurance,
Pays all of your heirs in case you will die.
Finally you come and pass the last turnstyle
Leave some of your records to cry.